You stare at the window, and all you see is a magnificent sky and a land, burned down with lies. I hate lies.


Thought i did not post new stuff here for far too long, so, here goes a detail of a painting i’m working on now. Unfortunately, it’s so glossy, that i can’t capture it right for now. Some new work will come soon enough.  Hopefully, you are all well. Have darkest dreams, and stay tuned.
Btw wanted to say thank you for all the comments, your support cheers me up all the time. My ask box is always open for you, guys.
Truthfully yours, C.


Dth. Ink on paper / MMXI



Welcome to the youth, I.
Pencil on paper / MMVII.


ishakethedust: Your art is beautiful, I've always been captured by the imagination of an artist. Like, How it's possible for you to close your eyes and imagine that. And then translate that onto canvas! Truly amazing. Have you ever drawn trees?

Thanks for the support, it matters so much to me))
Trees… Huh…
I did draw trees, i guess…

Btw i don’t think any artist or even a human being sees anything with eyes closed. All they see is black with some red sometimes…((( all i know, is that i don’t see shit with my eyes closed.


knightsofthenite: I'm Nadia, and you're amazing, right?

Huh, well, thanks)


palizerkepu: I just wanted to say that your drawings are amazing

Thank you, truly pleased.


An old work of mine - compilation of two symbols i truly adore.


Unicode: U+2021, UTF-8: E2 80 A1



Dead snakes, fading lights.
Every fucking single night.        For full size photos go see her on tumblr. Link is in my info.
#medusa #gorgon #skull #spine #cs #viiicccxlv


This is how i’ve been using free space since the time i’ve started drawing. 
Ink on paper / MMIX


Blurry stages of insanity.
#wip #cs #viiicccxlv